8 June 2021

GNV ships : successful delivery

LAB is pleased to have successfully delivered 2 new Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for the GNV ships m/v Majestic and the m/v Excellent.

The conversion of the 2 first ships out of the 8 included in the order was possible during this difficult sanitary crisis thanks to the combined efforts and the deep collaboration between GNV (www.gnv.com), LAB , San Gorgio Del Porto (www.sgdp.it) , Nuova Meccanica Navale (www.nmn.it) and Chantier Naval de Marseille (www.cndm.eu).

For m/v Majestic and the m/v Excellent, LAB has provided 2 Inline Scrubbers in Hybrid configuration based on the DeepBlueLAB™ technology.

Each scrubber, thanks to a multi‐stream arrangement, is able to treat exhaust gas from 2 AE and 2 ME for a total power per ship of 30 MW.

These installations allow the shipowner to comply with the strongest SO2 emissions regulations (0.1%S for SECA and MARPOL) and MED requirements.