LAB Aftersales is a team of experts with a large range of competences in Waste-to-Energy plant and alternative fuels such as coal, biomass, special waste and gas, dedicated to provide reactive, proactive and tailor-made support and services to plant operators in order to optimize and improve the performances (environmental, energy, operational cost, availability, lifetime) of their installations within short lead time.


The panel of services includes :


  • Preventive maintenance & spare parts                                                       
  • Troubleshooting and Expertise                                                                    
  • Vulnerability analysis                                                                                      
  • Tailor-made retrofits                                                                                        
  • Lifetime extension and plant renovation                                                   
  • Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental performances
  • Performances follow-up of catalyst and other parts                                 

Whatever the purpose, plant renovation, availability, operation cost saving, enhancement of waste incineration capacity, LAB Aftersales can offer the best suitable solution.

LAB Aftersales has developed a unique concept designed to support the operators throughout the lifetime and availability of their installation by assisting in defining an optimized preventive maintenance program and completion of the necessary maintenance operations: “Full Maintenance Concept”.


Our proposed solution includes the following services to ensure the availability and the longevity of the equipment:

  • Regular audit and inspection with associated recommendations             
  • Definition of equipment maintenance program                                            
  • Definition of equipment spare and wear parts requirements                     
  • Completion or assistance/supervision of major maintenance operations


Thanks to its own large stock of spare parts and agreements with many partners, LAB Aftersales can supply spare parts, specific or complex as well as the necessary tools to optimize maintenance of your equipment with very high reactivity to request and short delivery.